Friday, 28 September 2012

Friday Follow

We're huge fans of baking inspired blog's naturally, so we decided that every Friday we will share three of our favourites that inspire, teach and entertain us...

1. Bakerella
The Bakerella blog run by amateur baker, turned cakepop queen, turned best-selling author Angie Dudley. Is we're sure one of your favourite blogs to follow too but we just couldn't share our very first Friday follow post without featuring this truly inspirational blog.  With the arrival of her second and well anticipated Holiday book which again focuses on ever so cute cakepops we're almost certain our fascination will be here for the long haul. 
2.Whisk Kid
We remember being introduced to Kaitlin Flannery's blog Whisk Kid way back in 2010 when her epic six layer Rainbow cake burst onto the internet scene and caused such a stir she had the opportunity to visit Martha Stewart and show the mother of baking herself how to recreate it. We love this blog for three reasons; fabulous recipes, beautiful photography and of course Kaitlin's brilliantly executed writing.  
3. Cake Spy 
With Jessie Moore Oleson's site Cakespy full of adorably cute illustrations, bakery reviews, up to the minute baking products and baking experiments we have to admit it was love at first sight here at LJC HQ. Since it's inception in 2007 Cakespy has progressively grown into a fully fledged brick and motor retail store which is situated in Capitol Hill, Seattle. Not only has the store been a great success but you can now own your very own piece of Cakespy in the shape of a fabulously illustrated book but would you expect anything less? We think not. 

Hope you have a lovely weekend and bake up something delicious!



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