Friday, 29 March 2013

Easter Party | Food

Yesterday we touched upon creating decorations and DIY's that were perfect for your Easter party. Now the art's and crafts have been taken care of we're focusing our attention onto one of our favourite of course! 

To create the perfect dessert table we believe that there's three elements that can make it successful; Colour variation, height variation and great positioning. 

Here's some idea's to get your inspired for this upcoming weekend...

Sweet Treats

Easter (or infact your dessert table) wouldn't be the same without some delicious sweet treats. Here's some of our favourite Easter inspired creations we spotted over the past week...

Cadbury Creme Egg Cupcake 

Not only are these cupcakes super cute thanks to the addition of a miniature creme egg but we're told they taste exactly like the real thing. Want to make a batch of your own? Head on over to My Baking Addiction for full details and recipe. 

Pastel Croquembouche

Whilst this sweet delight requires a little more art than baking we can vouch that it's very much worth the effort. If you're not familiar with choux pastry then this may be a little too adventurous however we believe you should never shy away from a challenge, especially when it's this pretty. This particular recipe is French so if you're not fluent you can also find a great alternative here just remember not to make the caramel cage. 

Carrot Strawberries

The art of deception is always a fun idea for your dessert table, watching everyone's face overcome with amusement and curisoty once they discover what they're eating is not all that it seems. We couldn't get enough of these little mini strawberry carrots when we spotted them earlier this week over on Pinterest . Not only do they look effective but they're also really easy to make, take a look at the recipe here

Bunny Cookies on a Stick

I would challenge you to find any kid or adult that wouldn't be in awe of these little cuties. What's more find someone who doesn't like sugar cookies, impossible right? Not only do they taste amazing but they're also multi purpose, yep kids can use them as novelty masks. Find the full tutorial here

Chocolate Cake

Easter and chocolate go merrily hand in hand so it's inevitable that a chocolate cake will make it's way onto your dessert table. We love the simplicity of this particular cake, especially the powder blue Easter eggs, don't be afraid to get creative and try out your own decorations. 

Good Luck!

We hope you all have a wonderful Good Friday! 

Keep us updated with all your Easter party creations over on Twitter we love to hear what you've all been getting up to in the kitchen. 



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