Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Eggshell Candles


We spotted these super cute Easter candles over on Etsy a few day's ago and ever since we've been scouring the internet to find the perfect DIY to share with you all. Turns out they're really pretty simple to make, or so it seems when following instructions from master creative Martha Stewart

What You Will Need 
  • Eggs (as many candles as you would like) 
  • Pin (medium to large) 
  • Candle wick 
  • Funnel 
  • Dye Pellets (for dying the wax) 
How To 
  • First, make a hole in the top of each egg with a pin; enlarge the holes, and pour out the yolks. 
  • Clean shells by rinsing under warm water, and checking the insides for any loose shell. 
  • Allow empty shells to dry out. 
  • Place your eggshells in an empty egg carton (great for holding larger quantities) or an egg cup. 
  • Cut wick to around four inches long. 
  • Flatten one end of the wick and fasten in the centre of the eggshell with a little warm wax. 
  • Using your funnel (this minimises spillage) fill your eggshells with hot wax which has been tinted using dye pellets. 
  • Let the wax cool. 
  • Trim the wicks and enjoy.

If you're not a regular with DIY's or you would like to use old or left over candle wax we also found this great tutorial that goes into a lot more detail and uses step by step images.

p.s Keep your eye's peeled on the blog over this week as we'll be sharing our favourite Easter inspired recipes, along with some easy art and craft ideas for your home. 

Have a lovely Tuesday everyone!



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