Friday, 24 January 2014

The Romance Variety


February brings with it one of our favourite celebrations of the year here at the studio . What we're of course talking about is Valentines Day and whilst we understand it's not for everyone, we personally like to use it as the perfect excuse to fill the studio with as much decorations, laughter, love and fun possible. We always look forward to our brainstorming session throughout January when we have the opportunity to let our imagination run wild and create new romantic sweet treats for our customers and their significant others. 

However although we can't get enough of Valentines Day , unfortunately sometimes as the 14th appraoches your mind can go blank (which explains the rise in bouquet sales around this time of year) So if you feel you may need some inspiration of the romance variety the team at LJC have collated their favourite DIY, craft and baking ideas for an original, yet thoughtful Valentines Day gift.



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