Friday, 12 October 2012

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To round of Chocolate week we felt it was only appropriate to share our favourite chocolate focused blogs with you all.  Let's kick off with one of the best....
1. Chocablog
Everything you want or ever needed to know about chocolate is featured on this blog. Founded by Dom Ramsey back in March 2006 with help from a team of international writers Chocablog aims to find out and report anything in the world of chocolate before anyone else. What do we like most about this particular blog? The vast range of content ranging from reviews, recipes and features. Not only can you learn something about this cocoa infused piece of heaven whilst visiting the site you can also purchased some of your favourite dark, milk or white chocolate in the online shop.  We advise viewing this site whilst sipping on a large cup of hot cocoa.
2. Chocolate Covered Katie 
Katie's blog focuses on the healthier side of chocolate desserts and treats. With alternative recipes for brownies, cookies, pancakes and fudge to name but a few she has a great knack for convincing us that it really is ok to enjoy a little of what you love. What's the best part of this blog (beside the super tasty desserts of course) is that Katie offer's an email which her readers can sign up to, where you can receive all new and up to date recipes directly into your email, meaning you never have to miss a single one. 
3. Chocolate & Zucchini
Although not a primarily chocolate aimed blog, Parisian writer Clotilde Dusoulier describes it as an outlet for her to share recipes, thoughts and opinions of food and her intense love for it. Dusoulier describes the blog title to be a perfect metaphor in relation to her cooking style. Stating that the zucchini illustrates her focus on healthy and natural food with the chocolate representing her taste for baking and in particular chocolate. Created in 2003 this Montmartre based blog has grown from strength to strength with Clotilde seeing great success with the release of her first cookbook "Chocolat & Zucchini"  in 2007 and a second "Clotilde's edible adventures in Paris" in 2008. This blog is a must see for anyone interested in beautiful food photography and original, well executed recipes.

So we'll be heading to London and Brighton next week and we can't wait to share some of our mini adventure with you all. Expect some fun, food and of course cake focused posts.

Have a lovely Friday everyone!



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