Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Christmas Fruit Cake Feeding

It's feeling rather festive here at HQ today...we know, we know it's still inly December. However you may remember a little while back we shared our favourite Christmas fruit cake recipe and decoration ideas on the blog. Well it just so happens that we're nearing that time of year where the important prep begins for all our Christmas cake orders here at HQ, it's also a great time for you at home to begin to bake and feed your cakes, making them perfect for the big day. 

Not familiar with the term of feeding your cake, then check out this easy tutorial we found over on Black book cooking and why it's so important. 

Make and Mature

What to do

Once you’ve made your Christmas cake or Christmas pudding, in the weeks leading up to Christmas, feed your cake alcohol to keep it moist and add richness and flavour.

How to do it
  1. Place your cakes on a plate or in a cake tin, something you can cover to prevent dust settling on them, then using a skewer, put some holes in the cake by pushing the skewer through the surface all the way to the bottom at various intervals. These holes will act as tunnels to allow the alcohol you drizzle over the cake, to penetrate.
  2. You can use any alcohol you like although in my experience brandy or a spirit works best. Just drizzle about a tablespoon over the top of the cake. You can measure it out or judge the amount. It will soak into the holes but also into the top of the cake itself.
  3. After you have drizzled, cover the cake with cling film or a lid if it’s in a tin and either store in the fridge or a cool dark place like a pantry. Repeat this exercise weekly leading up to Christmas day.
I know it may seem slightly tedious but trust us it is definitely worth the extra effort and you'' notice the different in the taste of your cake come Christmas day. 

Whilst we're on the subject of Christmas, we couldn't help but fall in love with this Fairy Tale Cottage from Lakeland today, go take a peek here



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