Sunday, 11 November 2012

Salted Caramel Choc Pots

Sometime you just need some after your dinner that satisfies your sweet tooth. When this is required it's always an advantage if your chosen dessert doesn't take too much time, especially if you're enjoying a lazy Sunday. Here's our chosen quick yet delicious after dinner accompaniment..... 

Salted Caramel Choc Pots

Serves 2| To prepare 30 mins To cook 5 mins

  • 4 tbsp dulce de leche or canned caramel (we used Carnation)
  • ½ tsp sea salt , plus extra to serve
  • 85g each dark and milk chocolate , broken into squares
  • 1-2 long, thin, plain grissini
  • 2 tbsp demerara sugar
  • 100ml double cream , at room temperature
  • 50ml milk

  • Mix the caramel with the salt, divide between 2 small glasses and chill.
  • Melt the chocolates together in a glass bowl set over a pan of barely simmering water. 
  • Snap the grissini into short lengths, then dip each end into the chocolate to coat a little. 
  • Sit on a wire rack for the chocolate to drip and set a little, then dip the chocolate ends into the sugar to coat. 
  • Sit in an airtight container lined with baking parchment and chill to set until ready to serve.
  • Stir the double cream and milk into the remaining melted chocolate until smooth, then scrape into a jug.
  • Slowly pour on top of the caramel, around the edges first. Chill the pots for at least 2 hrs, or up to 24 hrs.
  • To serve, scatter a little more sea salt on top of each pot, then add one or two sugar-tipped grissini.
We hope you've been enjoying a relaxing Sunday everyone!



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