Wednesday, 28 November 2012

The Betty 10

We are always excited to see Betty Crocker's Kitchen experts top picks for the year and 2012 has been no different. With some of our favourite treats included we just couldn't resist on sharing them with you, oh and if you fancy getting creative and trying your hand at one or all of the ten they are accompanied with "how to's". Let's take a look at our favourite sweet treats from the list.....
Sweet Surprises 
Perfect for that kids Christmas party you've been planning- check out the recipe here
Beer Craft
We heard alot about flavouring your home baked treats and snack with beer, especially cupcakes. So we were pleasantly surprised to see this applied to corn. We think it would make the perfect snack with Christmas eve drinks. Take a look at the "how to" here
Layers, Layers, Layers
At Christmas we're always on the lookout for a spectacular centre piece cake that can feed a large group. It also helps if it doesn't take too much time away from your Christmas prep, so as if by magic and the team over at Betty Crocker have read our minds this 18-layer cake is perfect. Red velvet lovers head over here
Cake Pops on Top
It's no surprise here on the blog that the entire LJC HQ are huuuuuge fan's of Bakerella and her endless creative cakepop talents. So to see her featured in Betty's 10 couldn't make us any happier, especially when it's for these little snowman inspired treats. Want to try out your own batch of pops? Take a peek here 
Gluten Free for All
With a few of our team gluten and wheat intolerant, we're always on the hunt for delicious recipes that don't compromise on taste, look or texture. Fancy making the perfect gluten-free gift for someone special this festive season? Check out this easy to follow recipe here
Elf Food
The LJC team feel that introducing children into the kitchen and baking from an early age is a very important and valuable skill to introduce. Therefore when the festive period arrives it's a great excuse to get in the kitchen and create fun and festive treats and crafts together.  We loved the idea behind these little Elf snack carriers, who say's Santa and Rudolph are the only ones worthy of a Christmas Eve snack!? Create your own here
The festive period is a mixture of fun, food and a large dose of late and occasionally boozy filled nights, therefore we figured it's probably the best and most appropriate time for comfort food.   Don't leave it until the evenings to devour your favourite belly hugging treat, get ahead and start at breakfast. What better way to start the day than with apples and caramel? You're correct; nothing. Get acquainted with this tasty tart recipe here 
This particular dessert is a must have at our Christmas table, so it's always nice to come across a recipe with a twist. As the Betty Crocker team state many bakers have been adding their favourite alcoholic tipple to desserts for years but now attention has been turned to bitters this season instead. Fancy mixing up your Christmas favourite this year? Take a look at this delicious recipe here
Top Dog
We just couldn't resist sharing the bonus trend, dogs are a major part of the team here at LJC with nearly all of us owning a dog. If you don't like the idea of purchasing manufactured treats this festive period, why don't you try out your own healthy snack for your furry friend. Extra easy and cute as a button here

Hope you're all having a wonderful Wednesday! 

Catch up soon.



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