Thursday, 5 September 2013

Sweet Reads

Looking for some new reading materiel or are you bored with the same old recipes? Take a look at some of our favourite cookbooks that have us inspired lately...

A Passion For Baking | Jo Wheatley
We here at LJC HQ remember watching Jo Wheatley on the 2011 BBC series Great British Bake off. Since winning the show Wheatley focused her attention on writing her first baking book which focuses on sharing tips, tricks and family recipes straight from her very own kitchen. If you like basic yet delicious home style recipes then you'll love this book. 
Cheesecake | Hannah Miles
We're slightly (ok alot) obsessed with cheesecake and although the original, most classic flavours are pretty perfect as they are. Hannah Miles steps outside the traditional and shares recipes that work for any time of year including party styles, fruit focused and candy inspired. 
At Home | Mary Berry + Lucy Young
After watching the BBC programme "The Mary Berry Story" that was broadcast earlier on this year we really had a chance to find out a lot more about the Great British Bake Off host's culinary career, personal life and some of her favourite recipes. This book focuses on a collection of Mary's favourite dishes that she cook's everyday for her family and friends. If you love getting together and spending some time over a good home cooked meal with your family then this book is perfect. 

Have a great Thursday everyone!



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