Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Inspiration Around Every Corner

Sometimes even the most creative individuals can lack a little inspiration. With this in mind the team here at LJC decided to head to the streets, or put more precisely the Autumn enriched nature trails to gain some inspiration that could some how make it's way into our kitchen. Typically as we started out on our culinary adventure it began to rain but with this rather annoying hindrance in tow we did still manage to gather some great images to work on when we returned to the studio.
On our treck we discovered some really pretty tree stumps with the most beautiful ring markings. It got us to thinking about the awesome chocolate layer cake that Bakerella shared on her blog way back in 2009....
Want to know how to create your own fourteen layer cake? Head on over here
Nothing welcomes Autumn more than a fresh berry tart. It became inevitable that we'd need to track down one of our favourite cranberry tarts when we spotted these berry bushes....
 Take a look at one of our most favoured cranberry recipe's that we can guarantee won't disappoint here
Wood chips that look good enough to eat? Ok well not really but you get the idea. We were inspired so much by the rich colourings of these chips that the thought of a moist and slightly decadent marble cake was all we could think about on the way back to the studio....
Not content with a generic chocolate and vanilla marble cake we decided to search the internet for something a little different and we came across this orange infused recipe that just felt perfect for the Autumn season. Give it a try here

Just remember that you can grab inspiration from literally anywhere, so in future keep your eyes and ears open and you never know, your next recipe could be right around the corner...

Hope you're all having a great Wednesday! 

Remember to check out the blog on Friday to catch up on our latest Halloween recipe!



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